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Hey Hey. Ho Ho! Activists in Pictures

#WomensMarchVancouver ~~~ 1/21/2017

Creative expression through song and signage: some were amusing; others were moving. All words were creatively crafted. Here are some of my favourites:

  • Say it loud. Say it here. #BlackLivesMatter here. (Chant three times at least!)
  • Respect existence or expect resistance.
  • Proud nasty woman. (My personal favourite. I had to trail this woman for three blocks to snap a clear shot of her awesome sign!)
  • And finally, a woman’s place is … only where she wants it to be.


I hope this activist spirit continues in us all. See you on the streets, good peeps!i

Take Two: So, I found out later that the official hashtag for my local rally was #wmwyvr.