Lady Links You May Like


Power pose outside Lawrence Arts Center, Kansas (April 2017)

So far, I have resisted the urge to compile and collate a list of resources (web links) about anything, knowing there are more competent prospect development professionals out there who are better resourced and best placed to provide this kind of intelligence for our community.

Recently though, I began a thorough cleansing of Chrome bookmarks and noticed that my links about women donors and prospects has grown substantially over the past few years. Why not share the best of these articles, blogs, reports, statistics and lists with other researchers, fundraisers and even donors who are also passionate about women’s philanthropy?

Lady Links was born – you can view (and bookmark) this page on A Few Great Women:

Take a look around, stay for a while. Find out who are the most influential African-American women in corporate America (or were, as this list is from 2014) or check out Catalyst Canada’s comprehensive CVs of board-ready women professionals.

(Like you, I love lists, and when it comes to women, influence and power are key identifiers.)

I hope to grow Lady Links with fresh content often as both grassroots and media interest in women’s wealth and philanthropy grows.

Please do feel free to suggest additional resources in your purview or tell me what you think. If I mentioned your work in this esteemed group of resources, THANK YOU for making a positive contribution. We’re in this quest to narrow the gender data gap in philanthropy together!

— Preeti


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