Q for #ResearchPride Month

Dear Friends of A Few Great Women,

This particular post is not about one inspiring and successful woman who gives, volunteers, raises funds and provides great prospect research. This post is about many –  you.

To honour #ResearchPride month, my contribution is simply to pose a question that will motivate you and make you care to comment:

“As a principled prospect development professional, how do you help philanthropy grow?”

Tell me the first words that spring to mind, or take some time to craft a careful (witty?) response. Do please comment here or share on your favourite social media.

And of course, MEN, I want to hear from you too!


UPDATE | Your tweets from #ResearchPride first week:

I grow philanthropy w/ strategic info analysis, advocacy – @rissatodd

I’m a motivator, educator, & gadfly. Advocate for prof’l excellence toward increased respect & resources – @AskHelenBrown

I grow philanthropy w/ info & insight, & by inspiring confidence – @srbernstein

 I grow philanthropy by being a matchmaker: prospecting & prioritizing – @jenfilla

Great Q! I grow philanthropy through bespoke research. – @kathmscott

Through research, strategic use of info. and by sharing innovative ideas – @MsSParkinson

By building trust and confidence for the Frontline Team! #make that ask – @Lieberstein

I’ll have to think about it – @SarahJLA (a reflective Canadian -ed.)

Big Dreams



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